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Heavenly Father, you who created the heaven and the earth and all things in them; look upon Lucia's Private School, we the children, the Staff and the Administrators.


Lord from the start, you knew the purpose of this school and we declare that Lucia's Private School is a beacon of education in the nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

We decree and declare that we are a disciplined people, a righteous and holy people set apart for you. You have called us to excellence and this will be seen in our work, in our attitudes and in our play. We will love one another as Christ has loved us and we will display that love in our speech and in our walk.

We will bring glory to our Heavenly Father, to our school and our nation. For we will become leaders in our nation, who will serve and treat each other fairly and honourably.

We will honour our parents so that our days will be long on the face of the each, as well as the elders in our society, our teachers, administrators, showing respect to them and to each other and most importantly, to you, our heavenly Father.


In Jesus' might name. Amen.

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