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Principal's Welcome,

Hello, my name is Mrs. Pauline Newton and I am the Principal of Lucia's Private School. I would like to personally welcome you to our school's Website. I have been principal of the school since 2010 and have always been interested in the betterment of the school and its students. Both my sons attended the school and needless to say I have been involved in school activities ever since. As principal I am committed to quality education and diversity in the School Diaspora, two areas in which there has seen tremendous improvement in the last few years. At Lucia's quality is the golden standard. 

Lucia's Private School was established in 1976 by Mrs. Lilian Wood-Salomon and was initially located in St. Joseph, later relocated to St. Augustine and finally moved to its current location at the corner of Smart and Francis Streets in 2011. From the day of its inception Lucia's was geared towards the quality education of the students in attendance. We are built upon the premise that no child is to be berated and ignored in the education system simply because his/her learning traits are different and to this day we uphold and practise that ideology. So long as our gates remain open we will continue to support each and every student, no matter race, class, creed or belief. All of this is in aid of our quest to instil the qualities of Leadership, Progress and Success into each student. 


Mrs. P. Newton

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