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Extracurricular Activities 

Here at Lucia's, we are adamant that the school environment cannot only promote academic endeavours while leaving extracurricular activities in the shadows. We encourage our students to engage in an activity outside of their studies that they may like or have an affinity for. We believe in the importance of non - academic activities for the development of discipline and good teamwork skills which pay dividends in the academic side of education. At Lucia's we strive to produce all-rounded students. 



The Korean martial art of Taekwondo is one of the extracurricular activities offered at Lucia's. High levels of discipline and respect are required to engage in this sport, it is for this reason that the sport is offered. The sport is coached by Ms. Cheryl-Ann Sankar.



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Incredible hand-eye coordination, agility and fitness are just some of the qualities required to be successful in this sport. It is for this reason that tennis is one of our major extracurricular activities, attracting more than 50 students. The sport is coached by Mr. Prakash Ganesh 

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Of course, due to its long history, the sport of football is the most popular sport in most Western societies (except America). Lucia's is no exception, football is the most well-attended activity in the school, attracting over 70 students a session. It is, of course, not only because of its history that football is popular. It is also a magnificent way of releasing stress and building teamwork skills in addition to keeping fit and healthy. The sport is coached by Mr. Colin Skeene.
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From the courts of Italy to the halls of our school, ballet is one of the most graceful arts in the world! We are proud to offer the artform at our school. The class is taught by Ms. Chantal Simon-Thompson.
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