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Our Motto

A Motto help members  of a community remain focused on the ideals they are trying to achieve.  They are a way to keep us vigilant in the face of challenges and help us to keep focused on our goals and aspirations.



A leader is a person that has both the stability of mind and the humility to never forget his/her origins while constantly looking for ways to move forward and improve. A leader is a person that refuses to stay down after a loss, even in the face of total desolation. A leader is a person who has the ability to focus on a goal, while at the same time taking into consideration the realities of circumstance.


Keep in mind a very important fact; a leader doesn't always have a following. Look for the qualities they never hide. There is no such thing as a good or bad leader. Either you possess these qualities (amongst others) or you are not a leader.



Progress is the road etched out by each person. It is a road lined with failure and disappointment, a road that is unbearable difficult to construct. It is a route that becomes harder and harder every inch of the way. It is a road on which construction is never completed. So, why would you want to build this road? 

For the simple reason that when you look behind you at the road snaking, diving and dipping, before you lies an astonishing, awe-inspiring road. A road that is your property to pass on to future generations as your legacy.



Success is an abstract ambition in that it has a very different definition according to the person defining it. Success has no real existence but, rather ironically, it is probably the most visceral and meaning of all three concepts. 

Success can be as small as inserting a flash drive properly into a USB port on the first try, or it can be as large and all-encompassing as being accepted to a prestigious university. Either way, both events give us a feeling of accomplishment (longevity of such feeling is irrelevant) and this feeling is what we, as human beings, require to give us the confidence and assurance that we can achieve all the dreams and aspirations we hold so dear.  

But it is very important to note that these feelings should not be allowed to become blinding, inhibiting arrogance; for arrogance is infinitely worse than stupidity, as arrogance has the potential to destroy a brilliant mind and leave it no better than that of an idiot.

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